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My 2005 Yukon XL


135' diagonal 16:9HD, 25KW sound!
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Lincoln, NE
Sounds like Great Balls of my butts on fire
No, not really. The jalapeno is flavoring, not the main ingredient. We have a local brewery out of Broken Bow, Nebraska, Kinkaider Brewery, that makes a really great jalapeno ale called Devil's Gap. A few years back on NBC's The Today Show, during a cooking segment on making various Mexican dishes at home, the chef paired the food with Devil's Gap and said how well the two complimented each other and how hard Devil's Gap was to get at the time, as it was made at a microbrewery in a small town called Broken Bow out in the Sandhills of Nebraska, from pure Ogallala Aquifer water and Nebraska grain. Well, that National mention is all it took to drive demand (and sales) through the roof! Kinkaider was able to expand operations and their line of brews they offer, and they now have distribution into several surrounding states. Devil's Gap is still their most popular and in demand brew.


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Fabius, NY
Sorry guys, I have been off the radar the last 2 weeks working on a project startup!
Ahhh, but the jackalope milk is SO worth getting one of those critters for, @MrMarty51. Those City Boys can always just buy the canned Jackalope milk at places like Little America, WY if they can't rope one and milk it themselves!
Visually the rotors looks great. The rears were just replaced before I bought it with new pads but the fronts were about 1 year old. They have a tiny rust ridge on the outside of where the calipers ride but in honestly are some of the best looking ones I have seen with any winter time on them! I didn't perform any measurements, purely visual. The pedal is nice and solid with no rumbling to indicate a warped rotor.
WOW this one has certainly gone OT
Haha, I told myself I missed a lot while I was gone! To be honest I have been on a Jameson kick lately!