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Will L.
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  • will. is there a method to send a message to you or contact you. I am used to a private method message on other forums but can't find anything here. thanks. Jim
    Will, need to pick your brain. Have a M1028 that the GPR failed. Got a replacement BWD GPR1 that wont work with glow plug controller. Has continuity between two small posts. The original GPR does not. It just quit switching. Do you have a brand and part number for a good heavy duty replacement? Cant read the numbers on the GPR in my M1009.
    Will tried spare PMD and it started, ran for 10 minutes and shut off. Now it will start, run briefly and shut off.
    A while back you asked for info on my Jeep. It is fiber glass body , all of the hardware including the frame is stainless. Engine is a 6.2 Detroit with a turbo 350 auto.It weighs 4200 pounds an you have to be retired the to have the time it takes to make one. Or you have to be nuts. I thine I'm both!
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    Will L.
    Will L.
    Yeah, it was me that mentioned the pics. If you have some time to kill, a thread about your Jeep would be appreciated by more than just myself I'm sure.
    Start a new thread Ed with some pictures, everyone would love to see them.
    I'm just experimenting with the system, new to it, seems to me I got a request to post my Jeep pics. I think it might have been you. Recognized the Hummer.
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