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99 TAHOE 2X4 gasser


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Nature Coast
Got the dash back in it today, buttoned back up most of the way, fired it up, and charged the ac. Looks like I'm going to have to put an ac control head in it. No matter what I do, it will not trigger the solenoid for the heater control valve to close, so I have to dig into that, but I have a feeling it's the control head as it looks ROUGH! I'm also having an issue with the fans. They run as soon as the ac kicks on, but don't kick out at the set pressures. They turned on and off(at least on low speed) for the 1st fan stage no problem, but I set them to kick off at 175 psi on the high side, but they were staying on down to 155. Hopefully it's just a setting I goofed up in the tuning, but it RUNS! Another day or 2 and it's on to the next project(got a th400 to 4l80e swap to do in an 88 square body).

Marine intake all buttoned and egr deleted(wasn't worth the extra hassle to put in). Installed silicone heater hoses and routed the return to the radiator instead of the water pump like GM used to(it keeps coolant moving across the trans cooler at all times to maintain more consistent trans temp). Relocated the battery to the drivers side(future plans for a true cold air intake to go where the old battery was).
View attachment 57687

Cleans it up a bit without the engine driven fan. These electric fans move an INSANE amount of air. I put them on high and holy crap at the air moving.
View attachment 57688
Nice indeed, I like Purosil silicone hoses however; I need to get the coiled hose wrap to hold squirrels at bay those little s___s have been chewing up everything from wires fuel tank on genset gas containes and to hoses.


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Do not ASSume new parts = good parts. Brand new AC Delco 15psi cap, doesn't begin to open until 18 psi, and mostly open at 19-20 psi. My Tahoe had just had a radiator put in it before I bought it, it now has another new one courtesy of an AC Delco cap I didn't pressure test before installing because it was brand new. Way to go GM outsourcing AC Delco to China now.

I also picked up a new Motorad cap from Napa, it doesn't begin to open until 17. Found an OLD 15 psi cap from my 6.5(15 years old), it opens dead on at 15 psi, and holds.