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  • Hi Fermanator
    Would you happen to have a tune for an OS 12603624 that has a standard transmission. I'm trying to make a standalone but the engine turns off after 30 seconds.
    Thanks for your time
    Pretty much everything I have left for base OS's is in the tune library.
    Just looked, and that is a very early 06 lly OS. Any lbz manual trans tune should work. And if it's shutting off after 30 seconds, that doesn't sound like a tune issue, but more like running out of fuel or something else.
    There is a little white plug on top of the tumbler casing. I do not see how to remove it. This is on a '99 6.5. I have posted my request three different places on this site (electrical, steering, and 6.5), and no one seems to know how to remove this plug. I am trying not to destroy something, and make my job worse. I have pictures of the plug in question on the site postings (ignition switch harness plug).
    I have a 2006 denali code po o717 internal speed sensor replaced and shifting solenoids replaced. I like to turn off po codes. I see your in zephyrhills any chance you can help me out know problembuyingvin access. I have a hp tuner but fromwhat I understand only a ef live tuner can do this.
    I don't do much gas stuff, but I'll look into it. What all has been done to it?
    It's the iss in the transmission. We changed it and had a hp tuner hooked up while driving and the rpm goes to zero for over 5 secs and sets the code which puts trans in maximum pressure. I'm think ints a wire problem. I would like to have iss turned off with tuner. I live in Zephyrhills to
    Done, but for future refernce, next time click the report post tab in the post so any moderator can do it for you.
    Hey Ferm,
    I tried posting a question to the D.I.Y. center but got a message that I don't have the appropriate permissions to post there. Is this something you could fix for me?
    Thank you
    Ron Mills A.K.A. Fat Fut
    That section is set up so that once a thread is determined to be a DIY thread, we can move it there. This way non DIY stuff doesn't accidentally get put there.
    Do Me A Favor When You Get A Min And Check Out My Last Posting. I've Got A Couple Of Quick Questions And Hoping You May Have Some Ideas. I Just Went Out To See If The Batteries Being Completly Charged May Make A Difference But It Still Acts Froze Up. Also Took A Look From Underneath For The Clearance between BAL And Block And There Seems To Be None. ? I Could Swear I Put It On In SameFashion That It Came Off in.
    I read in one of your post that the tranny 5 to 6 speed conversion is done in Indiana, do you know who and where they are?

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