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Rebuild about done

My son texted me this picture after using tho old gear and chain to set timing. He then took it off the time keeper. Unfortunately he didn't take a picture with the chain. He thinks he installed the time keeper off by 1 tooth originally. How does it look?

By looking at it closely it appears the dots are aligned in that picture but still could be mis-stamped.
So knowing that the crank and camshaft are in the correct factory position, you can slide off the chain set and slide on the gear drive. Do it without rotating the cam or crankshaft and you’ll know it is factory timed.
That's what I figured. My son is coming back to do it tomorrow. He did say that it felt like one of the gears onthe time keeper was a tight fit when he pulled it off. We'll see when he puts it back on.
I think Marty is playing that game of you name it, it leaks lol. mee too lol my parking spot is turning black. for me it's the valve covers and some on the pan. I have been studying the 6.2 block I have and thinking of looking around for a few sets of those cover hold downs that were used on the older 350's chrome covers that had the tee handles for bolts. all I have found are now made of aluminum, if I can find some made of steel, I can use a torch and flex them a bit to wrap around the curves of the valve covers and give certain areas a little more rigidity and maybe seal. after washing the engine and driving a couple of days. I have been able to locate most of the problem areas. all are around the "dips" or low points of the lower side of both covers. if I can add just a scoosh of clamping force in those areas I think I will have the covers 90% sealed without having to pull it all apart again!