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Recent content by EWC

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    What’s the scoop with Heath Diesel?

    Thanks Resto , I would love to hear how everything works out . Mine is a Crane regrind with ported heads so somewhat in uncharted territory with this .
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    What’s the scoop with Heath Diesel?

    Doc , what are your thoughts on the HT-4 cam ?
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    Rear differential noise

    That's a 14 bolt . You can tell by the pins on the top of the main caps .
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    ABS light on, No ABS codes?

    Check for rust under the sensor mount . Enough rust will pull the sensor away from the ring .
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    Fuel dripping from hole in bell housing and other areas

    And to add to what Paveltolz has said , depending on the year there is a drain tube that is bolted to the back of the block running from the upper drain hole to another hole by the oil cooler lines . I've seen the tube on the 6.5 but not on the 6.2 .
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    Engine starting to miss and gets worse after a long run

    The one on the thermostat housing is for bleeding air from the cooling system .
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    6.5 no fuel to injectors

    So I did a 95 like this . Replaced the heads and put everything back together . Tightened the injector lines and cranked over . It did take some time but I was lucky in that my truck had a rebuilt pump on it and was running fine , it just blew the head gaskets . Its not hard to see a misting ...
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    6.5 no fuel to injectors

    Take all the glows out and crank it over until you see a " mist " under the hood .
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    Fuel System redone

    So you had a few test drives and knew the differences in the cammed and noncammed truck . Personal experiences . That's good . I have seen a few parts sellers online and looked at their specs for RV or towing cams . Very close if not the same to stock specs . How did the cammed trucks feel...
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    Fuel System redone

    Reason I ask , took a little bit of work to get my Crane installed . Didn't just " slap it in " . Why would you buy a cam without knowing the specs ?
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    Fuel System redone

    What is a HT4 cam and do you have the specs ? Have you done a compression test ?
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    "ProMax" cylinder head review

    It would make more power if you had a manifold to match the heads .
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    ARP main stud instructions

    So just to be sure , you are measuring clamping force ? Do you plan to measure elongation with respect to torque or force ?
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    ARP main stud instructions

    His name is Andrew Ashwell ? This was on the Page about 10 years ago .
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    Intake project

    Those are some good numbers . My exhaust is close to yours but the intake is only in the 240 range if I remember correctly .