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Thinking of pulling the plug on my 6.2.


135' diagonal 16:9HD, 25KW sound!
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Lincoln, NE
Yup, and while the 700R4's could handle the anemic 160 HP and 275 lb/ft of the 5.0 in my '84 G20 conversion van, that maximum torque is up above 3,000 rpm where the clutches in the OD section and the lock-up torque converter could handle the stress. When I dropped my built 327 320HP/510lb/ft beastie into my van, both the OD section and lock-up ability of the torque converter went bye-bye within a couple of months after that, as there was just too much torque (about 250-260 guestimate) at the 2300 rpm it ran in OD with the TC locked up at 75mph on the Interstate.

Again, @dubiousgarage, unless you either tear down and rebuild the transmission with upgraded high HP/tq frictions, steels, planetaries throughout it and modified valvebody to give you more apply pressures and a high horsepower racing designed lock-up torque converter, or buy an already high HP race/off road-prepped transmission and TC, you WILL tear up the OD section and torque converter of a stock 700R4 if you put a 6.2 in front of it. It may take a few months to a year, or much less time, but it WILL happen.