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Garage for Humster.


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Yes, you're right, styrofoam from the "cold" side, from the side of the gate.


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Miles City, Montana
Just saw this thread for the first time, looks good denata. Lots of work though.
I have been involved in several projects of digging out under building and houses to make a basement.
It is okay if there is someone atop to haul up the buckets.
The best one I helped on, the guy has a motorized home made flat belt between two 12 foot long 1X6s. Cant think what they are called. 🤷‍♂️😖😩
Start the electric motor and shovel the dirt onto the belt and out through a hole dug under the house foundation.
He had a lot of people that needed some fill dirt so they would come over and load up and we didnt have to haul off too much.
After the dig He formed up and poured mono slab floor and footimgs right up against the dirt walls. Then formed out from the dirt walls and poured in between the form boards and the dirt walls.
That turned out real nice after it was all finished. He had all kinds of stuff stored down there.