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Recent content by 07HDClassic

  1. 07HDClassic

    1978 Nomad Trailer Restoration/Project: 88GMCtruck is at it again.

    You forgot to add some paint on those welds on the jacks
  2. 07HDClassic

    LLY Oil Pump Replacement

    The engine was out of the vehicle when i did this.
  3. 07HDClassic

    Not your average Dually project....

    Well the big rush is over. The Lowdown car show is now in the books. It was a blast and the bus was a hit. Here are a few pictures from the weekend. It was fun getting the bus on the truck. The side rails had to come off and it took up the full width of the deck. Now its time to get it...
  4. 07HDClassic

    Not your average Dually project....

    Yeah, it's A LOT of work to be able to get a vehicle that low... and safely. Got some more progress over the last few days. Figured out the driveline tunnel, finished the driver door (all metal, no filler), and Doug started on the suicide hinges.
  5. 07HDClassic

    Not your average Dually project....

    I have come to a conclusion... I have 4 days to get as much done on the bus before the Lowdown car show. I am going to focus on getting as much fabrication done and not worry about getting it running. I am going to tow it there anyway. There's just no time to do everything, and its a "under...
  6. 07HDClassic

    Not your average Dually project....

    Were going to try and suicide the door next week before the car show
  7. 07HDClassic

    Not your average Dually project....

    Well we have been busy! Devin is almost done with the modifications to the under hood and under dash wiring harness. The frame for the floor is almost done... Still need to do the rear wheel tubs, the driver door has been trimmed but has not been tubbed yet, the rest of the stereo equipment and...
  8. 07HDClassic

    Not your average Dually project....

    White and Black, kind of a prison bus look. Everything yellow will be white and everything black will stay black. Here is a rendering that a buddy did a while back, it will be similar except it won't have the 10 lug 22's and the interior will be a bit different.
  9. 07HDClassic

    16'' wheels on a 2004 3500 dodge

    I think the reason why they run 17's on the 03 up truck is due to the size of the brakes. If i remember right (on the SRW truck) 16's wont fit over the calipers.
  10. 07HDClassic

    There's a new rig in town...

    Nice rig. You did a very good job on the clean up. Turned out real nice
  11. 07HDClassic

    Not your average Dually project....

    Well the moment you've all been waiting for... We set it on the ground for the first time yesterday. I cut the step off, cleaned under/around the bus, and got the floor jack out. After it was on the ground... I couldn't stop smiling for a couple of hours. We put it back up on jack stands to...
  12. 07HDClassic

    88GMCtruck's 99 6.5L Towpig slow build.

    Your not bringing the red truck out to play in the dunes?
  13. 07HDClassic

    Not your average Dually project....

    Devin, Doug, an I have been busy on the bus... for an update, the front wheel tubs are in (waiting for sheet metal order to finish the enclosure), engine and transmission are now back in place with modified mounts, about half done on the trimming of the rear pass compartment for the wheel tubs...
  14. 07HDClassic

    Not your average Dually project....

    When aired down or driving low there isn't much room for turning. If i air it up to 2/3 of the way up I have about 70% of the original turning and if I air it all the way up, I'll have full range of steering.
  15. 07HDClassic

    Not your average Dually project....

    Trust me Devin, I need the help. So much to do in so little time. Got some more done tonight... The driver side wheel tub is in, got the pass side trimmed more for the tire, and got the pass side control arms bolted back in place. The suicide door kit also arrived!