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Tractor/equipment for up to 5 acres

I thought the acronym boat
Was for repairs, not fueling up!
Not if you do it right. We have two boats. A 19' and the 33'. Both are one trailers and maintaining them is not that costly if you keep up on them. Both of ours are on trailers and never spend more than a week or two on the water. Get washed good after each trip and flushed really good. I spend more time winterizing and unwinterizing them. As for the costs, they can be very expensive. Or not very much. It all depends on how you care for them. Fuel is the major cost in owning one. More so with more engines.

11-Aug-2023 (1).JPG11-Aug-2023 (5).JPG
IMG_4608.jpegIMG_4607.jpegIMG_4606.jpegIMG_4604.jpegIMG_4605.jpegI purchased separately (different seller) a new backhoe for this tractor. Seller inherited inventory from his deceased father’s business and it is new, but had been sitting out for 3 years. Have tracked down all the subframe components and mounting hardware with this seller, but could not find the PTO hydraulic components. Will likely have to order that. The backhoe is not walking off by itself, so we’ll get this done, just not this trip. More like middle of June when I am back up next. Will also buy his post hole digger attachment and will order a box scraper for grading.