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Hodges, SC
The 2000 year water pump does a lot better job of balancing the water flow through the engine. With the pump that you are using the passenger side sees more heat. That’s why Will said to consider adding another guage to the passenger side head. @Will L. can explain the difference in water pumps better than I can

Will L.

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Boulder City Nv
Iirc Leroy sells the correct waterpump to use.
Get either:

A: the kennedy fanclutch and the 9 blade metal fan of the dmax fan that fits on it
B. read up on the electric set up @ak diesel driver adapted over and do that.

The control of the fanclutch engagement can help by you choosing when it starts kicking in.

The over all best thing that is missing here is 100% lockup. The hmmwv fanclutch system could do both, but does not adapt to the spin on balanced flow waterpump.

The waterpump Chris has and wants to test is an interesting one to see the outcome of, but yet to be tested.

I have a hmmwv fanclutch and a couple spin on clutches for cutting up to make adapters, but the first version was way too long, there is also one of the guys from the hummer forum that is going to chase an adapter. Imo as soon as someone makes an adapter, they could sell it and folks can ebay or wherever source hmmwv fanclutch- controllable by adjustable unit fed from ect sensor- that will be the pinnacle.

I also just got ahold of a trimmed down dmax fan and have the desired 9 blade fan that I would like to do cfm testing on, but haven’t looked into the how or when I could do it yet.

My current focus has to be getting my ride redone, then in the future I will get back onto the adapter and to fan testing. For now I will run the proper waterpump with kennedy clutch and dmax fan. I will swap to metal fan after a bit to see if there is any obvious difference from driver’s seat.


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Charleston south Carolina
Fellas i need some help when i installed the ip drive gear the gear on the cam i had the dot at 12 o clock and when i put the ip drive gear on that dot was at 6 o clock now when i put it on the 2 dots lined up perfectly with bottom drive gear at 12 and ip gear at 6 is this correct?


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Line up dots on timing chain then FORGET ABOUT IT! Line up dots on IP Gear to Cam Drive gear.

I recall the timing chain dots do not line up when the cam gear to IP does, thus time one set of marks at a time. (Pun intended.)