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Project "Got Milk" - Yamaha Cart

Update here. Ran the cart up until August of 2023 with zero issues. I had it turned up fairly hot, to just a couple RPM below redline to attempt to keep up with the 670 Predator cart. It ran extremely respectable for what it was. Very happy with the performance.

My batteries died in my run leader RPM gauge over last winter 22 to 23 and I failed to replace them at the start of camp season. The cart stayed on camp where before we used to "ride the block" frequently. We went on a long round the country block ride and I think I may have over revved it down a big hill. Motor clattered as I got back into the power (thinking we slowed enough). I got it stopped and pulled over and it would crank but no start. Pulled the dipstick and cranked with a pressurized crank case spewing oil out. Towed it back to camp, then it sat till I pulled the valve over to see valves were not operational.

Here is the carnage. I am assuming I over-revved it. Parts aren't cheap, $282 for the camshaft and $209 for the crankshaft separately.

I spent a bit of time researching and while this isn't a rare occurrence to strip these teeth, it is documented on the cart forums a few times. I see an updated cam and crank kit that is about $300 total but it only shows pictures of the camshaft. Hesitant on the price difference.

All else within this engine looks great, push rods, nice and straight, connecting rod looks good. Slinger still in place, side bearings seem good.