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Modified 6.5 Build


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Kalamazoo, MI
Muggy rod is a special rod for welding cast iron. Alot of people swear by it
Ah, thank you. Recently I was looking up welding aluminum with oxy/acetylene and during that search found a rod for welding cast iron with oxy/acetylene that they claim is a tough enough repair to weld valve seats and have them re-machined. I'm going to look into that further.

Will L.

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Boulder City Nv
No special technique with muggy, just pre/post heat and yer good. “V” out as needed of course.

Turbo is just a hx35 with a hx40 turbine. The big turbine combined with small precups should make good power from idle to 4000 rpm.
Dude- 35/40 hybrid is a great turbo for these engines. Its a more expensive investment than ATT, but since that price went up much closer to the 35/40 which has lower price than it used to years ago, I will probably bite the bullet for it too. Not gonna beat Nate’ numbers with one, but normal use and towing- yeah. I have only delt with 3 trucks running them, and heard from several others - all happy. My expectation is diamond precups, or at least T cups.

Now, you guys wanna do lots of ‘splainin’ and links and everything about the details of what I am about to buy to weld up these other heads I have with the fine cracks starting that can be machined down for valve seats PLEASE. Start another thread if needed.


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The stock pistons got shaved .040, getting custom Cometic gaskets. Using the smallest precups , combined with 311 nozzles @ at least 3000 psi pop pressure. And the little .290 pump,which should easily pump enough of fuel for 400 hp. Also planing on a center mount turbo.
Even with a modified leaf spring I don't see a .290 pump pushing enough fuel for 400hp. Why not go with .330 pump?