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Maintenance Day

RI Chevy Silveradoman

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Rhode Island
I change all my filters once a year. I change the Allison fluid only when meeded. Its all Transynd in there. Maybe once every 3rd year.

The magnet inside the Allison only had a little residue as well. Seems less and less every passing year. Good thing I guess. [emoji106]

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Appalachian Mountains
I have been changing the red Allison Filter at about every 12,000 to 15000 miles or so, maybe its over kill. I guess its only money, at one time I was getting filters for 10 bucks or less from an Allison Dealer. I have always only seen the gray looking residue when I wiped the magnet off like you guys mentioned. I am approaching 80,000 miles on mileage and I had switched to Transynd at 48,000 miles so I should be good there for a while, which would be years down the road at the rate I drive, mileage wise. I bought an extra gallon of Transynd to have when I change the filter or need to add any fluid.

Oil changes are once a year due to the low amount of miles that I drive. Actually since I retired I am driving a few more miles since I get out and loafer a little more.