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Guess what day it is ......

Will L.

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Boulder City Nv
1. Nice to see your progress.
2. Nice to see more misinformation getting put to rest.
3, My DSG gear sets were a different color, almost like you have a coating on those...haha

Advancing very accurately needs to happen when Using longer pushrods, longer rocker arms, taking advantage of valve reliefs cut into pistons, etc. But from factory there is a huge room for error because of timing chain stretch and plain old assembly line build. Is there a range of advance you can say is safe for stock piston/rocker arm but with gear drive?

Twisted Steel Performance

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.
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Pauline, SC
@Will L. , I can't answer that question, folks need to understand the piston chases the exhaust valve, and is a very close race ... advancing will gain exhaust clearance, and should add to bottom end torque, while retarding will give more exhaust clearance and should gain torque in mid to higher rpm's... when deciding how a person want the motor to act everything matters , and I don't just throw any aftermarket part on without checking the what if's. I think very few if any take the time to make small changes that change this motors behavior...