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broken glow plugs

06 gmc lly

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hello everyone.. first off thanks for the add.
i had 4 glow plug codes. cylinders 1,2 7,8. was dreading cylinder 8 but it came out. i went to use the air chisel attachment for cylinder 1 and the rusty glow plug broke off. so i stopped. resprayed knock loose on it. heat cycled the engine and resprayed. . oddly the head of this glow plug was a 10 mm not the 12mm cylinder 8 had. in fact the rest appear to be a smaller hex side. . my question is what techniques have you tried that worked. . i was going to try an easy out but they seem to cause more problems . however irwin makes a nut extractor set that may work on the protruding peace..
just looking for ideas. my early 99 f-250 has well over 500,000 miles i'm hoping this 06 duramax proves to be as reliable..
thanks in advance


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Welcome to The Truck Stop, 06 gmc lly.

Looks like btfarm has already provided you some tips on the glow plugs. Be patient, I am sure there will be others that might chime in on this topic.

Will L.

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Boulder City Nv
Project Farm on YouTube did heads up comparisons and my beloved atf/acetone mix didnt win, but was high ranking and cost was low. In the end if price doesn’t matter ($15 per can) Gibbs is the absolute best. If you all want I can post links of the 3 videos he did in comparisons.

Definitely soak it and give a day to soak in. I’ve learned repeated soaking over a few days helps even more if you have a couple days to wait.

Another thing to do right before removing is Loctite “Freeze and Release”. It works just oike if you heat something with a torch - but obviously you don’t want to put a torch on your glowplug! Haha. The difference in temperature between the two metals works by getting the glowplug super cold it shrinks it slightly and helps it come free.