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2013 lost rail psi

They have had all the right parts for 6 weeks now. I will admit there was some issues on wrong parts on some of my orders then their diesel tech took a 2 week vacation follwed by the shop manager taking off the following week but its getting pretty annoying.
Its was 9500ish for the cp3 kit and injectors, tack on 1000 in rails and misc lines, and the rest was labor.

It's definitely not stock at all now haha.
OUCH! $10K is the normal going rate for all that, I would be double checking invoices. That said, there's an ambulance chasing law firm close to me trying to start a class action lawsuit over the cp4.
@THEFERMANATOR I went with exergy sportsman pump, 20% over injectors, wherli cp3 kit w/ cold pipes, pcv reroute, lb7 up pipes, down pipe, rails, all hard lines under the hood, drop tank and all lines from the frame to clean, upgraded motor ops tune, one upper contol arm (part price not in the total), alignment, 6 tires mounted and balanced (tire cost isn't figured in the total), and I'm sure I'm forgetting something in there.

So not totalled are 6 cooper at3 lt tires, driver side upper control arm, new interstate batteries, new head light harness, and glow plug module
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The truck runs like a champ but its lady parts might be hurting now. Ms. Allison seems to lose her grip occasionally.

It is weird because I never had an issue before this and now the truck stutters under load, audible revving and exhaust note changes with out losing speed really and not throwing codes. Shifts are just plain sloppy now. Even does it in the lowest hp setting. I used to take off on level 3 and just let it eat, now half throttle on level 1 is too much.