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6.5L 1993 K2500 4x4 "Patch" parting out. Ran when I parked it.


Well it hits on 7 of 8...
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Psst... Hey Buddy: Wanna buy some GM IDI diesel truck parts? You pull as-is where-is. I can ship select parts and below is price without shipping. Ask if you have an interest in parts not listed. Located just outside Phoenix, AZ area.

1993 K2500 4x4 "Patch" parting out. Ran when I parked it. But... Not very well. Pulled the blown engine...

6.2 Engine I was building is a separate deal. PM me if you have interest.

IP and injectors: Sold.
Doors: Sold. ( I was surprised these were one of the first things to sell locally.)

A Team Turbo $600. Includes oil drain pipe and intake silicone boots.

NIB quantity three (3) : Energy Suspension Polyurethane mounts. 3.1152R engine times two. One Trans Mount 3.1142R. I can include OEM shells with shot rubber: $90.00

K47 air cleaner with flex pipe to turbo. $50.00

Last of the 1993 NOS 6.5TD AC Hoses, used. $100

Brass Copper radiator $200

Low temp Kennedy Diesel fan clutch 4 bolt (2-3 years old) $100

9 blade Steel Fan $50.

Duramax fan $50

Turbo pass side exhaust manifold $100

Driver's side exhaust manifold $50

Vin F intake manifold $100.

Upper turbo intake ATT Mod $50

3" exhaust crossover $50

Downpipe NOS unused. $50.

NIB Oreilly Ultima 6.5/6.2 Starter $100.

Alternator CS144, diesel pulley, $75

TIMEKEEPER DB2 Gear drive for timing chain replacement. $137

Yank 2400RPM Stall Billet multi disk TC $500

Bedliner goes with:

Good dent free tailgate (black) $100

Good 8' bed. $300

Good bumpers $50.00 ea

Bucket seats (blue) Driver side has worn spot $200.

Leroy Diesel METRUM ROD FSU in fuel tank