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New Profile Posts

  1. Bobonopolis
    2002 2500HD Crew Cab Duramax/Allison bone stock
  2. Shamman
    1996 k1500 6.5
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    2. Jaryd
      Welcome to the forum
      Feb 17, 2018
  3. Bigchevyrollinboii
    So i have a 97 silverado with a blown trany and a 98 tahoe 4door lt that's not running rite can i swap the tranys?
  4. SlowBoat
    SlowBoat Will L.
    Will, need to pick your brain. Have a M1028 that the GPR failed. Got a replacement BWD GPR1 that wont work with glow plug controller. Has continuity between two small posts. The original GPR does not. It just quit switching. Do you have a brand and part number for a good heavy duty replacement? Cant read the numbers on the GPR in my M1009.
    1. Will L.
      Will L.
      Pm sent
      Feb 3, 2018
  5. Herb Buckingham
    Herb Buckingham billyg38120
    Don't know if you've been on here lately, but I have a 94-95 4L80E trans I would like to put in a 92 RV(with bolt on yoke) What do I have to do to the later trans to make it work with the 92 ECM?
  6. Henri Boudreau
    Henri Boudreau THEFERMANATOR
    Hi Fermanator
    Would you happen to have a tune for an OS 12603624 that has a standard transmission. I'm trying to make a standalone but the engine turns off after 30 seconds.
    Thanks for your time
      Pretty much everything I have left for base OS's is in the tune library.
      Jan 13, 2018
      Just looked, and that is a very early 06 lly OS. Any lbz manual trans tune should work. And if it's shutting off after 30 seconds, that doesn't sound like a tune issue, but more like running out of fuel or something else.
      Jan 13, 2018
  7. Hink
    Hink Twisted Steel Performance
    Hey SC,
    I just wanted to let you know that I mentioned your cooling coatings in my new article on the site http://www.65turbogarage.com/stop-65-overheating.html.
    I figured it would be ok since it's free advertising but I wanted to let you know in case there was an issue! : )>
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    3. Hink
      Thanks. I really hope I can get more articles done this year.
      Maybe we can do one on your coating over a Mishimoto or Griffin radiator with before and after numbers? : )>
      Jan 7, 2018
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    4. Twisted Steel Performance
      Twisted Steel Performance
      Sure, if you can find access to a double head torch I could send you 2 Thermal barrier test samples and you could run a heat barrier test as a independent source and show the result's. It's the product I use in the runners to stop heat soak.
      Jan 7, 2018
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    5. Hink
      Great! It probably won't happen soon, but when I can do it we should get together and set up a clear test.
      Jan 7, 2018
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  8. skenard
    Im new here but im looking to see if anyone has been able to get a modified tune for a 2016 lml duramax?
  9. skenard
    off work!!:)
  10. Tovar
    There is a little white plug on top of the tumbler casing. I do not see how to remove it. This is on a '99 6.5. I have posted my request three different places on this site (electrical, steering, and 6.5), and no one seems to know how to remove this plug. I am trying not to destroy something, and make my job worse. I have pictures of the plug in question on the site postings (ignition switch harness plug).
  11. Islandboy
    New inner fenders that can be removed without taking anything else out or apart in or out of the engine bay. Cutout outer fenders fabed up
  12. Islandboy
    I forgot to mention that that I put in intake sensors pre and post turbo also a catch can.
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  13. Islandboy
    HX40W in , KOJO tune in, Battery and air box relocated with 3" air ram and boosting 20psi !
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  14. razur65
    Hello all, so glad I found this site for 6.5 info! Was thinking about doing the cummins conversion before I found started reading here.
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  15. Project G3
    Project G3
    85 GMC 1500 4X4
  16. Project G3
  17. Brandy White
    Brandy White
    I'm frustrated have to force 04 canyon shifter for park
  18. Richard Grant
    Richard Grant
    Achieve The Goal At Any Cost!
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    THEFERMANATOR little1963
    Yes, a 97 trans will work, just make sure and use the correct torque converter. Most all the catalogs say mid year 97 GM made a change to the torque converter height. Your 2000 trans is a better design as GM made quite a few internal improvements during the 99 model year, but they both hookup and function the same.
  20. little1963
    looking to change 2000 gmc 3500 4x4 transmission 4l80e found one from a 1997 gmc 4x4 was wondering if it would work
    1. Jaryd
      I’m 99% sure it will work since it’s a 97 to a 2000. @THEFERMANATOR can tell you for sure when he sees this
      Nov 5, 2017
    2. Jaryd
      Start a thread because I don’t think a lot of us venture over to this part of the site
      Nov 5, 2017