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May 20, 2018 at 1:43 AM
Nov 15, 2009
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Well it hits on 7 of 8..., from AZ

Bat s#it crazy with yet another 6.5 project. May 31, 2015

WarWagon was last seen:
May 20, 2018 at 1:43 AM
    1. Big Dave
      Big Dave
      I have a 1991gmc suburban that did have a 6.2 diesel but was stolen so insurance paid for a 1993 6.5 diesel from a Humvee. My problem is the glow plugs seem to have no power and I can't figure out why.
      1. WarWagon
        Sep 26, 2016
      2. WarWagon
        Sep 26, 2016
    2. WarWagon
      Bat s#it crazy with yet another 6.5 project.
      1. gmcman
        hey new to site need to heardfrom someone about my truck throwing black smoke aftertowing trailer 10-20 miles runs pretty good otherwise
        Sep 4, 2016
    3. WarWagon
    4. Big T
      Big T
      WarWagon, my AC system lost its charge. I added one more can to get me to 3 lbs 8 oz. It ran fine registering 40 psi on the low side and then the next day nothing. The valve with the plastic twist on cap for the high side on top of the compressor has UV dyed oil around the base. No other places show signs of leaks.

      Steve "Big T"
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    My starter makes more torque than your lug nuts take... If Private Numbnuts can figure out how to work on a 6.2/6.5 diesel you can too!

    Not enough room in sig for all the stuff I have that LeroyDiesel.com sells.

    2003 Dodge Ram 3500 SLT QC LB HO Cumapart 6 speed handshaker w/ Pacbrake. Factory 3rd pedal anti theft.

    1993 Chevy "Patch" Rat Rod K2500 6.5 Diesel LB project: Modified. Heavily modified. Illegally modified. Leprechaun Automatic Lube System Equipped. Now a 6.2 re-power w/6.5 NA heads. Gapless rings. Walbro FRB-5. A-Team Turbo. ARP head studs. 6 banger Trans tune chip. Yank 2400RPM Stall Billet multi disk TC. I think I have changed, replaced, or tightened every bolt and nut on this thing! Dyno Run.