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New profile posts

Hello, new here, just wondering if someone knows what the numbers should read on the fuel injectors balance rates
I'm the owner of a 95 Chevy silverado it got stolen back in oct the idiot the stole it wad still on the grounds of my complex . I got my truck back in less then 10 minutes. problem Is that after I got the ignition and one of my vent windows replaced I noticed that when I press on the brake pedal my right turn signal comes on like its a brake light but when I use the turn signal it blinks like its supposed to.
Hey Mike..Just checking to see if you guys were okay with that severe weather and tornado that touched down
SW of Chicago/suburbs
Hi Paul!
We're good here. The worst tornado damage as about 40 miles east of us and 2 blocks from my niece's home. Slidell got flooded again the other day I see.
Good to hear from you old friend.
1995 Chevy 6.5TD used for towing 11,000lb, 36' goose-neck. Mods: Dual thermostat, 210 deg cooling fan clutch and 9 blade fan, relocation of injector power transistor module, boost wastegate mechanical control modification.
I’m new and looking for advice on which gdp a/c compressor I should get rockauto had the kits with condensers and all. I have a 94 gmc suburban 2500 7.4L with rear a/c. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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93 surburban,dual air.I put the orifice tube,in the connection,behind the clearance marker light on the passenger side. There wasn't one in there.I tried to separate the line at the split but couldn't get the line to separate. Now it is at a negative 30 on the low side,halfway to peg,on the highside..I have been pulling a vacuum for an hour.what did I do wrong?
Owned several 6.5 and 6.2 currently in changeover from 6.5 to a 6.2 using the bottom end of the motor.
Hello I seen you commented on another person post and I have a question if you have time. I have a 94 z71 that had a 6.5 in it. It originally came with a 4l60e and I’m attempting to put a 4l80e out of a 95. I've replaced the input and output speed sensors, solenoids, and internal wiring harness and pressure plate assembly. Right now it’s only running in 1st,2nd, and reverse. What do I need to do? Thanks I’m advance
I don't think I an wrong, but any 6.5 diesel should have a 4L80E behind it, you could be having problems with the ECM difference between the years.

THEFERMANATOR is the person to ask
I appreciate it and I will ask him. Thank you
Had the trans go out in my 93 6.5 to. I have a diff trans to put in it and it's out of a 95. What am I going to have to do to make it work in my 93 apart from the pressure solenoid?
will. is there a method to send a message to you or contact you. I am used to a private method message on other forums but can't find anything here. thanks. Jim