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New profile posts

I have a 1996 GMC P3500 trying to replace the power steering pump seals. Definitely need some guidance if anyone wouldnt mind pointing me in the right direction
I have a 2011 Chevy suburban 2500 6.0l and it's overheating can't figure what's wrong with it I fixed everything you can think of it goes only to 3/4 then when I drive it and reviv the engine it goes back to half way
Recently had Upper Tranny seal replaced. Since then, truck is throwin codes for 3 injectors and EGR? Do I need to reprogram?
Does anyone know the tow capacity of a 1995 K1500 gas Suburban..4wd, V-8?? I am getting conflicting info from different sources, including GM. Need to find out before we buy an RV trailer....one trailer we are looking at is 4265 lbs. The other one we really like is 5765 lbs. I've been told the old Suburban may not be able to handle the heavier trailer. Would love to hear some of you towing gurus out there!
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Drummergirl, I found some info online, I assume yours is a 5.7 Liter V-8. Take it for what its worth, I found two websites saying that your towing capacity is 6000 Pounds, don't hold me responsible for that. If I were you I would also check your owners manual if you have one, it will be more specific. Also consider the loaded weight of the trailer, water tanks and cargo will add to the weight of the trailer.
One must also consider the combined gross weight rating of your Suburban and travel trailer. You can exceed that combined rating and get into problems also. The ratings should be listed in your manual or possibly inside the drivers door.
Last but not least, braking ability must also be considered. Trailer brakes and a brake controller are a must when towing that kind of weight. Also most of the time trailer brakes are required by law with trailers with a certain gross weight.
Still wrenching on "The Adventure" added new flexible rear ac lines and rear evaporator after conceding the fight with local brined road accelerating corrosion and turning the small repair in to a entire AC system rebuild!
New "choice" .....rusty vehicles or....clear.... ice and snow free roads? ;-)
My 2011 3500 Duramax just flashed "Service Exhaust Fluid System". Can I do this myself or does it have to go to a dealer and cost a bunch?
Hi Karen, you would need to pull the codes from the computer with a code reader and start there. Most parts stores will read the code for free. Then come back with that info and we might can help!
Hi Billy I'm in the middle of a project with a 97 Chevy with a 4l80e. I have taken the blown 454 out and installed a 12v cummins. Now I'm trying to make the factory computer work my trans I've hooked up the tps . But I'm down to the crank and camshaft position sensor any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks
Any recommendations for maintenance on a 2006 LBZ that only has 36,000 miles on it? Should I change the serpentine belt, even though it looks new, and is the original? (I have many questions like this) I'm only on the 2nd set of windshield wipers, (they are still good), and this is the Seattle area. Retired, and love it too much to sell it. ( Fastest and most powerful truck I have ever had). SLT too.
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The best maintenance you could do, would be to find a new owner. Feel free to message me!!
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