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1994 Ford F-250 7.3L idi
This truck is named Betsy Ross because I'm a pretty big fan of America. She's been giving me some vapor lock problems so I'm tearing apart, cleaning, and rebuilding a spare injector pump on my day off.
I have a 1986 cucv m1009 military blazer, looking to change to 12 volt. need a wiring diagram to go from 24 volt to 12 volt any help would be nice thank you.
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Gate keeper
It might be a stupid question, but isn't it just a matter of changing the battery configuration from series to parallel? Then changing the load devices at the ends of the harness to 12 volt capacities? If you have to install a new harness, that will need a schematic for sure. Sometimes they come with the harness.
Start a thread about this and more people will see it and then be able to help
Hey y’all
I am CathyO, I have a Chevy Silverado Duramax Diesel/Allison
That’s all I really know about my newly acquired truck, I want and need anyone willing to teach me how to take good care of it, I have a lot of questions. I don’t know how to post pictures but as soon as I figure it out I will post a picture of My boyfriend Big D (my truck).
Hello. I have a 1986 6.2 diesel Chevy Blazer k5 4x4. It now has 380 000 miles on it not km. It’s hard on oil generally need to add 1 quart of oil every 300 miles. No leaks and no smoke at tail pipe. Engine never open. Still original. Yes lots of miles but any suggestions of Why? I was thinking of adding seafoam to oil or other cleaner! I’ve had vehicle since 1989. Thank you
Well fellow diesel drivers. I am new here and wanted to say hello and tell you I am pulling my hair out over my 94 K3500 4x4 diesel dually. It has been a really good reliable truck. I was a mechanic for about 6 years, working on heavy equipment. Dozers, backhoes and things like that..and over the road truck also..infact, mostly.
But to finish, I have no fuel coming into the injector lines. It is coming to the IP but I am reading a code 22. I have changed the PMD and the throttle position sensor and now cable to PMD. What could be wrong from there...
I’m new to this forum. I’ve been looking for solutions to a leak on my 2001 dodge Dakota 3.9 with a 42RE transmission. It’s leaking transmission fluid from where the transmission connects to the bell housing. It’s a continuous drip. Not sure how to go about this one. Any advice?
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There a three (3) possible leak points 1) the input shaft seal, 2) the pump seals and or gasket 3) the transmission vent which is at top of the pump assembly all three of these are under that case bell housing...........make sure the transmission is not just overfilled.
1994 GMC K2500 with a '92 6.5td mechanical pump engine, 5 speed Manual transmission, regular cab long bed
I have a '02 GMC 2500 powered by LB7/Allison and a '65 Sport Fury I'm doin' a Gen3 hemi swap on. I do LS swaps and build stand alone harnesses. The latest is a '84 El Camino w/ '03 5.3/4L60E, long tube headers and exh that dumps out thru the panel just before rear tires. runs great!
Hi all you people who eat, breathe, and live for anything internal combustion! look forward to chatin' with you. I'm a 58 year old gear head who likes heavy metal and goin' fast.
let me know. i'm in baytown, 40 miles south of houston.
there are a few obstacles though: i have an artery blockage and am waiting for an appointment on a procedure. not sure of when.
it's best to send an email to contact.
deejaaa@yahoo.com contact 409-553-2888 David Johnson if needing to give more info.
my wife is in Battleford SK right now. she's from Coleville SK.