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WTB rear bumper assembly and trailer hitch to fit 2013 GMC Sierra 3500 Denali DRW


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with a lot of folks running aftermarket bumpers there must be a bumper collecting dust in someone's garage somewhere...
would do aftermarket as well if someone has one that would not look too goofy with a stock front bumper...

GM parts direct link for rear bumper assembly

i think later ones with the steps in the corner should work as well, willing to do some fab work
but not willing to shell out $1000 for a new one ;-)

also have a worn out / wallered out hitch pin throughhole in the hitch and it is probably easiest to swap that out for a good new used one as well ?

GM parts direct link for hitch

if anyone has any ideas for a fix or how to replace / repair ?

need it in Columbus, OH 43085.

thanks for the help or leads
Once upon a time, uhaul dealers could order hitches, and get Reese brand for half what they cost in dealerships.
Find out how hard returning is and how much you loose in shipping costs. If they do free return shipping, you might get it and find out fit is poor and return it. Step bumpers aren’t like a flush mount euro style that requires all seems perfect. You just center it up and if gap is 1/4” each side or 1” each side, no one figures something is wrong. Imo, risk eating shipping cost one way.

If there are any descent sized body shops near you, maybe stop and ask where they buy. They have low to high quality and low to high cost they have to balance all the time and learn what brand to buy for what purpose.