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Turbo rebuild, replace, upgrade

If you have a prime account, this is free shipping and is about $10 cheaper. I've had one in my wish list for a good while but have stayed with the GMx turbo.

I am not sure the 3" is correct for my 2-1/2" downpipe. Need to research more I guess.
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Why are you using a Stinger system in the first place? Banks designed that system for turbocharging the NA 6.2 in the old body style ('73 - '91, such as the CUCV) and had a 2½" turbo downpipe to clear between the cab firewall and frame. A 2½" turbo downpipe will negate a lot of the power you're trying to get in this build by greatly reducing exhaust flow and increasing backpressure and exhaust heat.

If you're doing this motor install into a GMT-400 why aren't you using a 3" turbo downpipe, or even a custom 4" turbo downpipe that has been "squashed" into an oval shape to clear between the firewall and frame? If this install is into the '73- '91 platform, you should be using a 3" turbo downpipe and "squash" it into a slight oval to gain sufficient clearance.

Just my 2 cents worth.