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Torrey Utah


Lucky To Be Here
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Appalachian Mountains
There is a good pizza shop in Torrey Utah, with a good sticker on the door.
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I really love that for sure, Will. Recently I went to a trailer place to purchase a bigger utility trailer. It was in the next state over, those guys beat the locals to the south of me by 500 dollars on the same exact trailer. I pulled up in front of the trailer place and noticed a sign on the window, it had a similar picture of a gun, heck I didn't read it right away, I was carrying my Glock 26, thought to myself dang, they don't want no guns in that building. A young man met me in front of the building after I got out of my Chevy, I started to say do you allow guns in your business. I thought about saying pal I am carrying I guess I need to put my Glock in my truck. Well heck, I read the sign and it said something about concealed guns was welcome, it could have been that same exact sign. I thought alright we are going to get along just fine, this place is gun friendly.

Went on in and bought my new trailer, some of the nicest mountain people I have ever dealt with. Husband and wife and their son were there. Their son was a former Marine, heck after I hooked up my new trailer to my Chevy 2500HD, we talked for 45 minutes or so then I told him nice meeting you, I've got to get across the mountain.


Well it hits on 7 of 8...
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My barber shop has the same sign.

Also has a picture of a bearded mountain man in the woods saying "If you can't change a tire, chop wood, etc. : SHAVE!"