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Reference Material: How to do a vacuum pump delete


The Bus Driver is here!
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Should you have an "F" engine VIN code, the only thing that your vacuum runs, is the turbo wastegate. It can be kind of a waste (no pun intended) for the serpentine belt to be spinning a pump, to create vacuum to hold a wastegate closed. Should you have a problem with the wastegate system and want to convert over to a manual spring system for handling turbo boost pressure, you can delete your vacuum pump.

For those who one vans and some older model trucks, you should verify that nothing else like vacuum actuators for HVAC comfort controls are using the vacuum pump too.

You should read up first to see if this modification is right for you before proceeding.

To delete your vacuum pump, you will first need a shorter belt. Generally it has been reported that 1" shorter belt is what is needed. Because belt routing is different for some production years, you should check out what you are starting with.

To remove the vacuum pump only takes a few minutes, as long as you got the proper parts the first time from the part store... then it could take longer if not....

1. Remove the top portion of the fan shroud. (10mm heads)
2. Using a 1/2 drive ratchet, remove the tension on the serpentine belt, then slip the belt off of any pulley.
3. Using the 10mm socket there are three mounting bolts that hold the pump to the bracket. You rotate the pump pulley to access these nuts. After you loosen the third one, is should come free.
4. Maneuver then pump through every imaginable position to get it out from between all of it's next door neighbors. There is a vacuum line that goes up behind the pump.
5. After you have said your prayer that "I hope I have the right size belt," you can see if you did or not. Follow the belt routing map on the fan shroud that you laid somewhere on your driveway. Make sure all the ribs are properly in place on each pulley and nothing is hanging half on and off.

5a. If you do not have the right size belt, you can use the other car to go get the right size one, or work your way backwards through what you just did so you can use the truck and get the right sized belt. You won't get far without a serpentine belt in place.
6. Now reassemble the fan shroud, and make sure all crossovers etc are properly secured in place so they are not hit with the fan on start up.

Upon startup, you may even notice that the engine sounds quieter.

Hope this helps!


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Turbine Doc

Just Another Diesel Guy
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Gautier, Ms./Anywhere Southern USA
Dumb question... but, now that the vacuum pump is gone, what opens the waste gate on the turbo?
Not a dumb question, as FYI the WG is held closed by vac and opens by venting vac when boost higher than a stock PCM calls for more info here http://www.thetruckstop.us/forum/showthread.php?2648-Reference-Material-Turbo-Wastegate-System in absence of a vac pump, if staying with a wastegated turbo, you will need to add/make a mechanical WG control or Turbo Master as it is called if you purchase one for you GM turbo from Bill Heath.

Other option is upgrade to a non waste gated turbo like the ATT


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Ruston LA
I know this thread is old and I've been looking around of the forums but I can't find anywhere how to do a mechanical wg conversion.
I removed my vaccumme pump awhile ago because it wasn't working since I bought my truck, but I never messed with the wg on my turbo. I didn't know that if you removed the vaccumme pump you had to do a mechanical wg conversion. I read the whole link above that turbine posted but it does not give any information on how to do a mechanical wg. Could you help me out with this or point me in the right direction. Apparently I've never experienced my turbo working properly.

Bobby J

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Granite City,Illinois
I search... and I search and search... and search some more. Who knows what to do about a 97 6.5 with MAF and EGR engine code "s"?!?!?! I want to get rid of vacuum pump and egr without MAF going crazy! ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!! BTW the ol girl has 125k original miles!


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Hi please could you tell me what holds the linkage to the waste gate actuator is it a circlip of some description.