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Turbine Doc
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  • Hey, it seems like you know quite a bit about IP timing. I just replaced the IP on my 94 and I'm having a hard time get the TDCO set. It runs and seems to run the best when the actual timing is about 18*. I can make it run at about 7 but that is it. Anything below that and it won't run. My TDCO is currently at -2.02 and I can't get it set to anything else. I honestly don't know what to do at this point. Any thoughts?
    I've been thinking lately how I haven't seen any posts from you recently and was wondering how you were doing. You really helped me out a lot, and I still appreciate it to this day. So, wherever you are, thank you.
    Hey man: It has been a while. I was wondering if the guys that get together and help repair veh. were still doing that? I lost my other knee to replacement, and need some help putting my water mist on. I have it for almost over year. I just don't trust these mec. around this area. Each time I run into more problems.
    Not exactly sure how a Forum works. But I have a 95 K3500 6.5. I just put a pump in it and can not get it to prime. Opened injector line one. No luck. How do I ask for help?
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