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Pros and Cons of the LB7


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What do you like?

What don't you like?

Known issues?
Like looks and power capability.

Dont like injector issues. Weak turbo.

Known issues.....injectors injectors and injectors. Every LB7 will have at least one set of injectors during its lifetime.
i dont think the turbo is very weak, in fact its pretty stout. it can take a serious beating.
What do you like?
The power is great and the fuel economy is good as well!

What don't you like?
Like everyone else, The injector issues. However the new style injectors seem to hold up well.

Known issues?
Injectors, California Emissions Glow Plugs

Overall I love my truck. New trucks are always nice, but the LB7 is a solid motor. There is no truck or motor without issues of some sort out there.
What do you like?
Power is good, fuel mileage is good.
I like this too:
no emisions crap

What don't you like?
1. Injector issue, although I haven't had to replace mine yet (62,000 miles).
2. I don't like that you have to remove the valve covers to replace the injectors.
3. The potential head gasket issues.
4. Water pump and water-hose longevity is questionable.

Known issues?
I guess this question is redundant as known issues are the same as the things I don't like.

I do have an SES light that produces P0101 & P0106 codes that I can't seem to figure out. I don't feel bad because the GM tech can't either...:confused:
I wasnt aware of LB7 headgaskets. Thats mostly on LLYs.

MAF codes cab be a PITA to figure out, 90% of the time they dont affect anything anyways.
I wasnt aware of LB7 headgaskets. Thats mostly on LLYs.

MAF codes cab be a PITA to figure out, 90% of the time they dont affect anything anyways.
I've just read posts about folks who have coolant loss and it usually turns out to be head gaskets...maybe calling it a "known problem" was too harsh, but when ever my "Low Coolant" light comes on I shudder....:ugh:

Yeah, my SES doesn't really effect anything that I am aware of and the truck does not exhibit any drivability issues, but I still don't like the light on. I found a possible loose connector for the Banks harness maybe that will be the low voltage culprit (Banks Tech Line turned me on to that possiblity).
mostly on the 01s. and a few 02s. i replaced em on my 02 in the spring. they were very bad. hardly any gasket left on the rears

Yep, my 01 had bad head gaskets in it as well when I did the swap. I liked the fact that it is still relatively simple, no cat con, and was easy to swap in.