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Need some help with an EZ-TCI TCM with a 6.5 diesel.

I will have a look at that. I want to relocate the TCM from under the hood to inside the cab.

Would you have some experience with this combined with the GV OD setup? the instructions show two wires Pin 8 and Pin 9 jumped from the GV VSSB to the OEM VSSB and what looks line Pin 15. The GV unit has a speed sensor as well. I emailed them asking if this was to take the place of the output speed sensor on the trans but never got a response.


  • Gear Vendors 94-94 diagram.pdf
    182.8 KB · Views: 3
On the OEM VSSB on pin 15 is a LT BLU/BLK wire.

That is the 4000 PPM speedo feed.

The TCU has a speedo output on pin 24.

Remove/cut that LT BLU wire from the VSSB conn. and connect

to pin 24 of the TCU.

Page 12 of the TCU manual shows how to set that up and also to calibrate if it is needed.
I think I missed the part on the GV instructions and just realized it from your post. I need to take pin 15 out of the OEM VSSB and move it to the GV VSSB. that should give me a working speedo using the speed sensor on the GV OD unit.

I wonder if I also need to change anything on how the TCI TCU gets it signal too. since it's using the rear output speed sensor on the trans. when the GV is turned on there will be a difference in the actual speed.
The GV unit changes the gear ratios like a transfer case would in low range.
I cannot find any verification that the EZ-TCU works with 4wd.
So that may be a problem.
It would work in HI range but what happens in low range?
I guess you could call them and ask.