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More Work! any help or suggestions?

Will L.

Well-Known Member
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Boulder City Nv
Nopers. Get the real ones. Don’t try patching it, the material is so thin it will fail. Gasoline leaking equals mega fireball. If you are sure you are only running it for 40,000 miles or less- then the knock off should last that long. But again, the results should include full coverage insurance at a $100 deductible.


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Miles City, Montana
Here is a photo I found on Fleabay. the rail it's self is plastic and the silver metal caps look to be crimped on each end. what's silly is there both leaking from what seems to be a pin hole in the center of the crimped on end cap. looking online I only found one post where someone had this issue but never posted a fix.

Someone tell me if I am wrong. this engine is the same as an "LS" engine where I could get an aftermarket fuel rail setup and run it with the stock injectors? only thing I would need is a remote located pressure regulator?

a rail like this ?

and a pressure regulator like this?

View attachment 83444
I would settle for nothing less than what the vehicle originally came with. Especially when it comes to gasoline, well, fuel of any type actually. Diesel fuel can be just as volatile if it is in a fine enough mist, or, even engine oil.
Like an old friend used to say, before He succumbed to a bacterial infection that crossed to the blood stream.
When it comes to self defense, the very best is barely adequate. To me some items on a vehicle can be changed about, other items falls under that self defense category.


I'm getting there!
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Seguin, TX
I will look at it closer as I start pulling the engine top side apart. I might start on that this weekend as the weather seems to show in the upper 80's for the high this weekend!

then again I might get lazy and not mess with it at all LOL. I also have to make plans to get the Jetta going before winter hits too. priority is having a working spare vehicle. getting into months with bad weather more often, it's nice to have a second vehicle to just jump into and not have to worry!