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Electric Hummer, This Ones For Will

Will L.

Well-Known Member
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Boulder City Nv
Thanks. We been talking about it on the hummer forum. There is a challenge thrown out to them on multipoint competition. I doubt they will take it, but it would be fun. I nicknamed it the Emmer. It’s actually a GMC E-Hummer and other place GMC HUMMER EV.

There is a ton of renderings what it might look like- if you see a whole rig, then it is just a guess at this point.
Here is the teaser commercial.
Gmc already bought commercial time for the superbowl (if we have one) where they will unvail it. The specs look pretty good to me. I plan on driving up in my Hummer to the dealership to go test drive one.

Here is the challenge video. For those bored and want to watch some great videos, go to this guys YouTube page and watch other videos of his. I think he is a professional video dude. We would love this video to go viral so GMC has to accept. I think the specs- they should win some of the challenges and it would e good marketing for them.