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Edge CTS2

Twisted Steel Performance

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.
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Pauline, SC
Short reason for this question...

I will be using a Banshee VGT controller with a HE351VE turbo when my motor is finished late this summer. Steed has made very big improvements in his controller's, I have sent him mine to be updated to his latest version. I will be able to change and monitor the turbo through a laptop, but I would also like to monitor with the Edge CTS2 and can with one exception, engine rpm's..

My truck is a 93, OBD1, the Edge CTS2 is designed for OBD2, Steed says I can still use the Edge to monitor everything the controller and turbo does by making the sensors dual purpose. So far the only thing I need to figure out is a easy way for the Edge to monitor engine rpm's.

So the question is, what would be the best way to provide the input the Edge will need to read the rpm's??

I know now the input comes from the alternator...

Will L.

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Boulder City Nv
Ess is a 2 wire.
If you put reluctor wheel on crank like a ds4 uses, the hmmwv crank sensor is also 2 wire, and the pickup crank sensor is 3 wire.
So depending which you need...

If you would do a big fat write up on it all, that will undoubtably help others in the future. Will you
Put coatings on the sensor? Haha- sorry, couldn’t resist.