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Canadian Dually

james poland

New Member
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Hi, my name is James. I'm from Calgary, Alberta Canada. I currently drive a 85' gmc 1ton dually which was originally built at the St. Louis truck plant. Equipped with a 6.2 Detroit, 4spd granny low, and a 3.73 rear. I've been driving this truck now for 8 years since purchased. I've had few issues with Brutus except for regular maintenance. In the near future I'm hoping to retire the Detroit and install a fresh 355 smallblock pushing 400 horses with a 5-speed tremac. A much better combination for cruising as Brutus days of being a workhorse are over. I will miss the diesel with it's low end torque and great mileage, but Brutus and I are both retired now and will look forward to cruising the roads with an easier drivetrain. Best wishes to all in truck land.View attachment 56508


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Castor, AB.
Nice truck, now that it is losing work status, a different rear bumper would be in order.;)


Lucky To Be Here
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Appalachian Mountains
Nice truck, now that it is losing work status, a different rear bumper would be in order.;)
No, keep the big rear bumper, some idiot will eventually rear end it...……………….:smuggrin:🙂

How do I know, I have had two different IDIOTS rear end my vehicles over the years. First bunch of IDIOTS were in a late 70's ford truck, traveling at a speed of 45 to 50 MPH. I was sitting still at a traffic light, got sandwiched in between, it knocked me into a car in front of me. I couldn't open the door I crawled out the drivers window, it broke the front seats, I had a guy riding with me. Neither one of us were wearing seatbelts, was not required by law then. The boys in the Ford truck were wanting to leave the scene, I threatened to whip all three of them and they changed their minds, I was as hot as a firecracker and would have fought a crowd. They changed their tune and stuck around till the cops showed up.

Last IDIOT was in a Chevy Caviler and hit my 1987 S-10 at 40 to 45 MPH, knocked me into a rock cliff, since I had the wheel turned to the right trying to get away once I heard his tires squealing. I was wearing my seatbelt that time, it probably helped me out.

Will L.

Well-Known Member
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Boulder City Nv
I like the rear bumper. Just needs repaint to match how great the rest of the truck looks.

Are you aware of the power that a proper built 6.5 can produce? The high hp numbers aren’t really needed because the rpm’s aren’t that high. Gas engines rev way higher and get more power at high rpm. But heavy trucks need the tourque to get it moving up to speed and not burn 4 times the fuel to do it.
I suggest learning about well built 6.5 with a big turbo before committing, as mpg on the diesel properly built can match and exceed the higher hp gas engines. You’ll not see a 355 often pulling 550 torque.

If you still choose gas- as much as I love the old school sbc, seriously consider LS 6.0 setup instead. More expensive to get into by a grand because of komputerz, But the mpg difference quickly offsets it from my experience. The power output is far easier to obtain. It runs much cleaner emmisions, but if you dial back the emmisions control and keep power level solid, mog goes up noteably.
I dont have the how to answers for it, just what I delt with from local shops that understand how to retune the LS.