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Bully Dog GT

Matt C

Reaction score
Bought a used bully dog GT. Previous owner did not return it to stock when he removed it. He now installed a H&S tuner. If i hook the bully dog back to his truck and return to stock will it still work or does the H&S write over all the bully dog data? Bully Dog can unlock it for $100 if need be. Thanks in advance for any help!
99% sure you'll have to send it back to Bullydog. It's probable the H&S wrote over the data that was placed in by Bullydog.
Chances are it needs to go back to bullydog. The H&S I don't think stores the stock tune, so even restoring the other truck to stock wouldn't help.
That's what I was afraid of! I guess i bought it cheap enough another $100 onto it won't be so bad. I guess I will be contacting bully dog tomorrow. Thanks for the help guys!