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Ball mount drop hitches


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Center Point, IA
I've been looking at ball mount drop hitches and trying to decide between a steel one or an aluminum one. I know the steel will probably last longer, but the aluminum one entices me because of the anti-rust advantage. And doggone it, the aluminum one looks so shiny! So really wondering if anyone has used an aluminum hitch and how bad did it wear?

RI Chevy Silveradoman

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Rhode Island
The Aluminum setups are made from forged billet. They are actually rated for higher than steel in some cases. I have a steel setup because it came with my camper. But a buddy of mine in construction uses the multi adjustable aluminum one. He loves it. It takes lots of abuse and he probably uses it at much higher than its rated capacity.
They are a bit more money, but I'd use it.

Will L.

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Boulder City Nv
The point Denata makes is valid, but if it is only in contact with steel short periods of time is shouldn’t be an issue. You also could use some of the greases or gels available to stop the majority of it. If you were to say leave a trailer constantly hitched up- you could have issues. If not and you want things staying pristine, just a quick coat before hooking up.

I would not hesitate to use the aluminum ones. They have been around for years and if they had failures, it would have happened by now. Yet to see anything on it.

@denata Sometime when you are bored, you should lift the roof of your wagon and put an insulation layer in there. Check the roof center seam while your at it and if it is starting to collect water/rust, just strip that section and use auto body caulk that closely matches the paint. Stop the issues asap before you have to think of repainting the entire rig. Using tape for hard edges and a puddy knife will make the seam look good, and stop rust collection.

And yes I made the same mistake building mine and haven’t fixed it yet on the steel to aluminum issue.
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