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6.2L Ferd Tunes


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Lithia, FL

It comes with 5 of his tunes... I chose:
87 tow
87 perf
93 economy
93 tow
93 perf :)

Looking forward to getting this, everyone that has run the 87 and 93 perf tunes has said that it feels like a completely different truck. They all get rid of the crappy throttle mapping that limits it to 40% until it goes over 4500 rpm. One guy said he put it back to stock for some warranty work and it feels like you're dragging an anchor.
I want to know Econ #'s and the "feel" of the truck too. Dad just bought a '13 2500 Hemi 4x4 CCSB and I gotta say, its got some pep.
Stock, it feels sluggish down low but I think most gas engines are like that. Ford has some crappy throttle mapping that limits the throttle plate opening until it goes over 4 grand. Plus this thing weighs close to 8k...it's freakin heavy.

Top end is pretty good however. Nail it on the highway and it definitely has a snap, you can hear the valve timing change and it pulls hard from 4-6,000. The sound is awesome.

Overall, it gets between 13.5 and 14 (less driving like a jackass) and stock for stock I'd say it's quicker than my 06 Dmax was. Doesn't have near the low end tq which is hard to get used to.
What are the stock HP numbers for those 6.2s?

The 5.7 Ram still has the ability to pretty much walk away from just about *most* gas powered trucks on the road today.

Diablo Sport makes really nice tunes for the 5.7, 6.1 and 6.4 Hemi.
They're conservatively rated at 385, but based on stock dyno numbers they're closer to the 411 that the F150s are rated at.

The engine is all top end and the super duties are heavy and sluggish with 3.73 gears and 20's so it wouldn't surprise me if the rams are quicker.

I know for a fact the GM 6.2 trucks are way quicker than the F150s with the 6.2 however. I dont know anything about the Ram trucks except that you can get them with basement low gearing.
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Im hoping for a 6.0 Caprice to replace my aging CVPI. Looks lime its gonna be a Tahoe though, which is cool too. The 5.3 Tahoes are now rated at 335 HP.
Im hoping for a 6.0 Caprice to replace my aging CVPI. Looks lime its gonna be a Tahoe though, which is cool too. The 5.3 Tahoes are now rated at 335 HP.

Took the wife's Tahoe on a 4.5 hr trip to easern Indiana last week with 5 on board and then back same day. I was way unimpressed with the oomph it has when loaded on the highway compared to the LBZ with that kind of weight. 1st time I drove it that far. I'll stick with the one that still has torque left at 60 mph plus.
6.0 Caprice PI? NOW yer talkin!
I wish GM had an updated gas engine for the HD trucks. The 6.2 they put in the 1500s would be a monster but they stuck with the outdated 6.0 for whatever reason. That's not the same engine they put in the Caprice, is it?

People are waiting to see what Ford does with the SD gas engine... rumors say it's going to a twin cam 4v setup but nothing has been confirmed.
The 6.0L can out run a ferd 6.2L any day stock vs stock. The 6.0L is nearly bullet proof, GM did the same thing with the 350 back in the day, keep the same platform with minor mods to keep up with times. The 6.2L isnt alot different than the 6.0L same basic platform IIRC.
And the 6.0L today is not even close to the 1st 6.0's except the bore and stroke are the same. The LS platform that GM has is a proven engine that is still as viable today as it was when it came out. And the CAPRICE gets a different 6.0 than the truck. I believe GM offers 3 variants of the 6.0L today, just like there are 2 different variants of the 6.2L in the cars.
I've had this for a few months now and will say it wakes the truck up bigtime. The custom tunes that come from the place I got it are awesome, it shifts later, shifts are firm when you get on it and it doesn't try to go into 6th at 45 mph now lugging the engine at 1100 rpm. Not so much that it's faster but the throttle response feels instant and does't ramp up based on rpm like on the stock tune. Normally I leave it on the 87 performance tune which actually gets about 1mpg better in my everyday driving.

I've run the 93 perf tune for a few tanks and it's definitely hotter but I'm not putting 93 in it every week just for that. Once I ran a tank of E85 with the hot tune... had to drive 30 miles to Lakeland to get it... you can definitely tell there's a bump in power with it. The only major drawback was the worse (than normal) mileage from the E85. Didn't calc the mpg but it's significantly worse than 87 pump gas.
It's hard to describe. Comparing it to the 06 Dmax which had tons of low end but ran out of breath where this is just getting started. It likes to rev and makes decent power all the way to the point where it shifts close to redline.

The Ford has better acceleration when passing at higher speeds IMO. You punch it on the highway and it snaps you back in the seat... it will go all the way to the speed limiter in 3rd (not that I've done it that many times). Haven't really pulled anything with it yet to say one way or the other about that.

Obviously the fuel mileage is lower.
That's not nice. :hihi:

OK, I'll be nice and use my tow tune. It's roughly what a stock LBZ is. Won't even do a boosted launch. Unless I lose, then it's back to my daily driver, 4X4, and launch it at 8 pounds of boost(anything more and it blows all 4 tires off of it).