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Miles City, Montana
Mahle is good, 18.5:1

Twisted Steel has both 18.5:1 and 18:1 with valve reliefs. As mentioned twisted steel can do the coatings, a worth while investment.
That will be how I will go if I find the current block in the truck is rebuildable.
If it needs bored I’ll then contact Chris and see if He wants Me to order pistons and ship them to Him or if He wants to order them, do his work on them, then ship them to Me.

Will L.

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Boulder City Nv
Yup to above.
V belt vs serpentine belt is direction of pump rotation.

Note to be clear, military hmmwv vs civilian Hummer vs now available (not in USA) civilian Humvee C Series.

originally the 92,93 hmmwv and Hummer would be 6.2 n/a. Also had th400 3 speed transmission.
But most military were blown up overheating and replaced with optimizer 6.5. Then they MIGHT also get a turbo added. If you can see the intake manifold from an under hood pic- the truck style manifold is n/a. The turbo looks like the vans with the huge cube runner down each side. Hmmwvs are ALL db2 (except a few rare spec ops units that got either the db0 or db4). The turbo could be gm6, gm7, Peninsular, Banks or Urova. Most all were gm6/7. All mechanical waste gates.

the civilian HUMMER is different. 92,93, were 6.2. Again all 6.2 had the 3 speed trans.

1994,1995 and a couple 1996 were 6.5 n/a db2. Most 96, all 97 -2004 were 6.5 turbo ds4 gm6/7. Btw, all hmmwv/hummer engines have tuned down ip. Lower top rpm, lower power. The overheating just killed them, until the ECV Hmmwv (one with grille that sticks out from hood) because it has a much larger radiator.

If you are buying a take out 6.2 or 6.5 it may or may not have cracked heads between valves, and cracked out precups. If it has serpentine belt, it is high chance of cracking block at cylinder 8 or maybe even 8 & 7. The v belt driven ones did amazingly better because of that unbalanced issue. Talking with a friend that saw tons of ripped down ones from overheating- usually popped the head-gasket not the block if v belt. Always had horrible blow by in cylinders 7&8 from the heat squishing the rings. The beautiful thing is it kills the rings but not pistons and cylinders.

He didn’t believe me for a long time that main webs crack. Why? They never get 100,000 miles on them. They overheat and die before then. He also has only seen a couple bent rods in all the dead engines. If you get the GFD (geared fan drive) with one- say nothing until it is in your garage. Then celebrate! Those are now made of gold and diamonds apparently by the price they sell for. I know a guy that bought a non runner hmmwv that had it in there. Sold it to pay for his new optimizer.


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Hey guys, can anyone tell me anything about these heads I have? See photo's. They came off a 599 block from a 1993 K3500 single wheel truck.


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