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Recent content by CtChevy427

  1. CtChevy427

    New Member

  2. CtChevy427

    Head gasket

    Champion Transmission
  3. CtChevy427

    New to me 2013 GMC Duramax

    Great looking ride.
  4. CtChevy427

    New to me 2013 GMC Duramax

    bitter sweet moment.....
  5. CtChevy427

    New to me 2013 GMC Duramax

    Looks good Mike. May it give you many years of service like the last.
  6. CtChevy427

    Hello again it's been a while

    Hi Tim. Welcome back...
  7. CtChevy427

    Service 4WD Light on in the 05...

    I can open both links. Try reinstalling or updating Adobe.
  8. CtChevy427


    Welcome to The Truck Stop!!!!
  9. CtChevy427

    Let's welcome Quadstar Tuning as a Vendor to TTS!

    Welcome Quadstar! Glad to have you at The Truck Stop!
  10. CtChevy427

    Upper A Arms

    Lots of choices on Rock Auto's web site.
  11. CtChevy427

    Upper A Arms

    I went with the Cognitos solely for lifting reasons.
  12. CtChevy427

    blinkers act like flashers

    Check all your bulbs and make sure all the filaments are separate. Make sure a burnt one has not dropped and touching another one.
  13. CtChevy427

    Lbz trans cooler line upgrades

    I FINALLY put the lines in with the new crimp about three weeks ago....So far so good. Hopefully this will be the last time I will have to deal with them leaking.
  14. CtChevy427

    Injection Pump Nut GM # 12550863

    I always hit eBay first. Always surprised what you can find. https://www.ebay.com/itm/GM-12550863-Genuine-OEM-Escalade-Express-C1500-C2500-Fuel-Injection-Pump-Nut/192885790508?epid=11009609392&hash=item2ce8e3972c:g:fSkAAOSw3b9chYH-:sc:USPSFirstClass!06473!US!-1&frcectupt=true
  15. CtChevy427


    I have done oil analysis using dino vs. synthetic with a 10K run. The numbers came back very close for each. I went back to regular dino and kept a big chunk of change in my pocket.