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very intermitant stalling

Discussion in 'GM 6.5 Diesel Engines' started by corolla, May 7, 2008.

  1. corolla

    corolla Recruit

    May 6, 2008
    Manitoba, Canada
    After removing and re-soldering the ECM power and ground connections on the ECM circuit board the stalling went away for 3 weeks, it has stalled once this week, but restarts right away.

    When it was stalling over the winter it was like the ECM fuse was removed in that the lift pump did not run and the WTS light did not work.

    I have replaced the ignition switch, FSD and front bumper mounted it, removed and in some cases replaced cleaned the grounds. Cleaned battery connections, etc, etc.

    Could it be a intermittent/faulty ECM??
  2. iamdave0887

    iamdave0887 Here Comes Chaos.....

    May 5, 2008
    oh man corolla. still no luck? it seems thats what its boiling down to. you may have a bad ECM. resoldering the wires fixed it for 3 weeks but is there any chance the solder joints could have cracked and/or loosened and caused it to stall again? how are the wires going into the firewall from the engine compartment? i've heard they can rub through and short causing a stall. see if you can make it stall moves wires by the firewall, move the ECM wiring harness where its connected to the ECM, hell even more it in the engine bay with the engine running. see if you can make it stall. if you can make it stall you can also bring it back and there would be your problem. that did somewhat work with me as i think a cracked solder joint in the ECM was causing my issues so i couldn't get it to work all the time.
  3. nvmtnlion

    nvmtnlion Got 1911?

    May 3, 2008
    Wow that sounds like a bad ECM to me as well. Does anyone around have a spare he can try? I will check with a few I know with OBD-II and get back to ya.
  4. Brooklyn Tow

    Brooklyn Tow 9 11 Never Forget

    May 6, 2008
    Brooklyn, NY USA
    Did you shake the crap out of it?

  5. jrsavoie

    jrsavoie Recruit

    May 8, 2008
    Rural Clifton, Illinois
    Hi everybody. My 1996 burb hasn't died in at least 2 weeks now but I'm sure it's going to.
    Corona where are you located?
  6. corolla

    corolla Recruit

    May 6, 2008
    Manitoba, Canada
    Updated the location.

    No I haven 't shaken the C@#p out it for a while.
    I did follow the ECM + wire from the fuse block to the ECM, ohmed it out while shaking, it was good.
    Did the same with the grounds from the ECM as well.

    If I was betting man I'd say ECM (PCM)!
  7. Brooklyn Tow

    Brooklyn Tow 9 11 Never Forget

    May 6, 2008
    Brooklyn, NY USA
    Maybe go through the wire harness with a fine tooth comb.......I'd just hate to think it's the PCM...........BUT?
    Still iv'e been lucky with the ghost, but my feeling is it's just a matter of time.

  8. knkreb

    knkreb The Bus Driver is here!

    May 3, 2008
    Lift pump maybe stopping from loss of cam signal with OBD-II system dumping lift pump relay. Chicken or egg? ECM power dumping for lift pump and ECM, or another do-dad messing up that causes stall, and lift pump dies because of lack of engine RPM.

    I hate to recommend going to the dealer, but I think they offer a flight recorder to help capture things that go bump in the night. May be helpful in case like this. Hate to see you spend some ca-ching if'n not needed. Little five dollar fixes could buy you a gallon of fuel.. an ECM could buy you a lot of gallons of fuel.
  9. Pillow

    Pillow Recruit

    May 6, 2008
    Warrenton, VA
    I still think it is a ECU/PCM

    About a month ago I had the "PMD like" stalling going on with my 96 K3500... Drove me nuts of course. So I already had a Heath Issolator installed that is about 2 years old, so that let me to believe it was something other than the PMD. I did not see the "reset" associated with a failing ignition switch either, so bunk on that theory.

    After calling around a few people we came up with a theory that the IP was bad since it only stalled when the fuel was hot (about 45 minutes driving time)... Someone claimed that a bunch of the GM reman IPs that were used for warrantee work were duds.

    So I changed the IP, glows, and injectors then toodled down the road with a happy smile for a couple days... Day 3 stall. Grrrr.

    Called up Heath and requested a Turbo-Master and HP4 pronto. Installed quickly and life is good again.

    I decided I liked the HP4 so much that I might as well get the CORE PCM from the 96 reflashed. Heath claimed that any core will do and the probability of a bad PCM is minimal and that they hot test the PCM to check it anyway. So I was like okay lets do it.

    Installed the TM and HP4 in the Burb... Runs fine for 2 days, runs like a raped ape for two days Then dies on a long drive sitting in traffic! The Burb has been an oak of reliability and only one variable changed. THE PCM from the 96 reflashed!

    Also on mine the only way to get it started is to let the coolant go below 170F and get the glow plug controller to click on. Otherwise no go. Luckily my trucks are set with 180F t-stats otherwise I might have to wait a while.

    From what Craig and I have been discussing it seems to be a 96 only issue. Also Bill Heath claims that he only sees 1-2 bad PCMs a year, which is a good statistic to reference from.

    At this point I have another HP4 on the way for the Burb and should be able to follow up on this cruddy saga of wasted time and money later.

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