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Spring Fling 2008...."Age Wrinkles The Body,Quitting Wrinkles The Soul!"

Discussion in 'North East' started by hoot, May 11, 2008.

  1. hoot

    hoot Recruit

    May 10, 2008
    SE PA
    This ain't no backyard barbecue ):h Here are some pics of last falls brawl..


    The Mason-Dixon TDC would like to welcome all member here to our annual Spring Dyno Event/BBQ.This years event will be a 2 day event so we can try and get everyone who desires to dyno onto the "Humbler" and shake off their winter cobwebs.So Here is the info of what,where and when...

    What-"2008 Spring Fling-Age Wrinkles The Body,Quitting Wrinkles The Soul"...

    Where..SGS Performance
    901 Range End Road
    Dillsburg,PA 17019
    SGS Automotive

    Cost...$70 for 3 spins with HP/TQ readings

    When...Saturday May 17th & Sunday May 18th

    The only rules we will have is stack owners will have to drop their flex pipes or allow us to slide the exhaust tubes down over the stacks and dually owners must remove the outside wheels to help keep the show rolling.Also for the dually owners if you would prefer to dyno with a set of 2500 wheels(singles) some of the guys may be able to bring their extras for you to borrow.Tools will be provided to help and other members will be able to help you if needed.Those who desire to do some BOMBing work may use the shop,but,please all we ask is you clean up after yourself and then dyno during the weekends event at some time.We also would like those who attend to please place their trash into the trash bins and not leave it lay all over the upper field.Also we would like those in attendance to not deliberately tear up the grassy field which happened last year at Fall Brawl.

    There will be no classes as this is a bragging rights,stick your chest out,outlaw style roll.This means all is fair in love and war,you come in,strap up, let the numbers fly and may the best man or woman,Ford-Dodge or Chevy be the top dog.So who can or will lay the smack down and go home with bragging rights,time will tell.This is also a qualifying event for the Fall Brawl Torque Challenge and we will be taking the best numbers from each of the following classes and entering them into the challenge,High HP Ford,1st Generation Modified,Modified,Competition and Unlimited.Those who are already in the Torque Challenge by virtue of their respective Fall Brawl class wins are...Dave Goodwin,Steve Bohatch,Tim Barber,Lloyd Mills and Travis Alderer.Post up people and let us all know if your coming and what you wish to bring to the covered dish BBQ.If campground info is needed please ask and I will Google what places are close by for those interested......
    Last edited: May 11, 2008
  2. ctgmcduramax

    ctgmcduramax Northeast Diesel GTG

    HI HOOT, how things going ?
  3. hoot

    hoot Recruit

    May 10, 2008
    SE PA
    Hello Terry. Things are going. Lot's of family responsibilities this year. We are a "sandwich" family... taking care of the elders and the kids with little time left for ourselves. Hopefully the most has past and there will be more time for other activities this year.

    How bout you and the GM diesel crowd up there?
  4. ctgmcduramax

    ctgmcduramax Northeast Diesel GTG

    HI HOOT ,

    Dealing with my father being in nursing home and hospital since early march, and having to do some home remodeling for when he comes home in july.
    Unfortunately the stress brought back some artery/heart issues for me, so try hard to stay out of hospital myself.
    We had our biggest gtg last year, moved it to local recreation area, but it took lots of effort and time.
    We will still be holding it this year, but not sure yet the venue , depends on how my dad does when he gets home, and how well and quickly I turn around my health issues.
    So , I know what your going through.
    Hope you can make it up here again for gtg, enjoyed your company. Hows the new (now old) Job ? Terry

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