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Replacing fan clutch on '01 6.0L 2500HD

Discussion in 'Any Other Gas Engine' started by SnowDrift, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. SnowDrift

    SnowDrift Radical Right Wing Extremist

    I am thinking the clutch might be bad, since it seems the fan never shuts off. I can spin the fan, when the engine is cool, but with some resistance.

    I'm used to the clutch on my 6.5 letting loose about 1/2 mile from my house, but this one on my gasser, seems to stay engaged all the time. It's been like this since I bought it in 2016, but it just occurred to me that it's probably not supposed to sound like this. I've only ever been in one other 6.0L truck and that was back in about 2003-2004.

    I may be naïve, but I just figured since my wife's 5.3 is quiet and this one is not, then it might be due to the nature of the heavier duty rating for the truck. I'm leaning toward that not being the case.

    1) does it sound like the clutch is bad?
    2) what are recommendations on the replacement brand?
  2. Will L.

    Will L. Well-Known Member

    Jan 25, 2013
    Boulder City Nv
    Yeah, it’s due.
    I would get the factory one. All the 6.0 rigs don’t have overheating issues, so don’t change something that works to save a couple bucks.

    Chances are p.o. never changed it. The two ways the fail in time are loosing the ability to lock up, or loosing the ability to fully unlock. The later sounds like yours.
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  3. SnowDrift

    SnowDrift Radical Right Wing Extremist

    Replacement installed Boy, what a nicer sound to not have that fan spinning all the time. I can actually hear the engine. Hoping to pick up some mileage. Last tank was 10.3 mpg. and I hadn't even towed anything. We got 14 or so on the way back from Baton Rouge, in 2016.
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