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What did you do with your GMT400 today...or yesterday....

That drain tube set up looks like a quality piece of kit.
As long as the mating surfaces on the turbo and block are free of old RTV and gasket material, one should have a dry passenger side motor.
I’ve learned by sad experience that if you don’t, especially the turbo side…you don’t.
Looking forward to seeing the results.
Looking at the piece that mounts on the block, there is what looks like a smaller plug. I wonder if that can be used to add a drain for something like the provent.
That is precisely what it is intended for. Get the Pro Vent check valve and you’re good to go. It’s 1/4 NPT. So 1/4 npt to 6AN male fittings and then 6AN to 3/8 hose barb should do it.
getting ready to work my 95 truck fairly hard... plans are to pull the new to us 30' travel trailer out to the coast for the weekend. tomorrow after work I plan to pull all the wheels and check bearings and re-pack with grease. check brakes too. I pulled it out from our friends yard where it has been raining and moved it to our daughters house where her concrete driveway is long enough to accommodate both the trailer and my truck.

while I was pulling it I got out on an open road with a decent hill. opened up the throttle a bit and I could hear hissing coming from the engine compartment. I need to check on the turbo hose. I don't have my boost gauge connected since I somehow misplaced it when I replaced the dash. I might try to cobble up another gauge I have just to keep my eye on things during the trip.
Pre-Trip checking of tires and bearings is overrated….
image000001.jpeg image000002.jpeg

Finished wiring up the brake controller. Biggest hurdle was where and how to tie into the Brake Light wire since the You Tube video’s truck wasn’t quite like mine. Ended up splicing in at the main harness for the turnsignal and all under the steering column. Tight quarters.

Then the best project of them all. Trying to figure out how to save some room under the back seat for the tire changing kit and make it more accessible over the OEM set up.

This is what my wife came up with for me, the 6.5 and Father’s Day all in one. ($1 is for scale).
“Lovingly Made in the USA by Maggie W”

No more rattles, lifting the rear seat to unbolt the ‘too big for what it does’ factory storage unit. Easy to pack around etc.

Pockets for OEM and Aftermarket Lug Sockets, Lug Security Socket and 5/8 Allen to speed up lowering/raising the tire. Bigger Pocket for spare lug nuts in case of an ‘O Fudge’ moment. All the tools have their respective outline for ease of replacement when I start to lose my memory…more of my memory TBH.
Sometimes, you just have to go to the spousal unit for project solutions.
The Jack is on its own tucked out of the way in a corner. Poor Jack,