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Washer fluid motor

Thanks gents, Im just gonna leave it be for now, too much stuff going on to tinker with it for now. New question for ya's..... I installed a pre filter in line before the lift pump and everything works great. Getting a little seepedg trickling down the filter housing. Just wanted to know if there were any tricks of the trade I need to know before I twist it off and receive yet another diesel bath and re-install. Thanks in advance!


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Will the filter tighten a little more ?
Also, brake and parts cleaner is Your friend.
Spray off the filter head and the connections onto it, the filter also, then see if You can see where the seepage is evolving from.
A little investigation as to the fuel leak on that pre filter yielded that it's seeping out the ports. I tightened as much as I could with it still mounted to no avail..... So I'm guessing my next move should be, unfortunately, removing and taking the subsequent diesel bath, teflon tape around the threads and put in a vice and wrench back in. If there are any other tricks please chime in! Thank you in advance!


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looking at the photo you posted are you positive it's not leaking at the hex plug aside your fitting? spray it down with some brake cleaner and get it dry as possible. lay under there and power up the LP watching for anything. I had a leak on my remote fuel filter I mounted under the hood that replaced my FFM. it has dual ports similar to this on both sides of the filter head. it took several attempts but I discovered it was the plug that was leaking.
I just doubled up on the teflon tape. are the supply lines going to the filter housing rubber where you can pinch them closed with a pair of vice grips? that will help keep you from getting a bath and allow you to completely remove the filter housing from the truck. I would recommend pulling it out so you can inspect the threaded areas for cracks. threading steel fittings into an aluminum housing too tight can ultimately cause the housing to crack around the threads creating a leak.

once it's verified no cracks, then re-wrap the fittings with the thread tape (in the correct orientation). Lord knows I've wrapped them backwards before! re-install and check for leaks. if you don't want to use tape, get the thread sealant goop that's rated for gas and diesel.
Did you jumper the washer fluid pump you took off to see if it worked.
I'd do the same to the new pump. Bad news, isn't unheard of.

I'd also check for power to the plug with the switch turned.

Is there a way you can run long leads to test while you hold it or have someone else hold the switch while you check it?
Thanks guys, I went with the permatex fuel rated for fuel. I was a pretty crappy job, the line i disconnected did NOT stop bleeding out fuel, ike 3 gallons worth. lesson learned ill just have to catch it in a fuel can next time. Felt pretty relieved to be done with it.....only for another leak to spring ( in the motor). Ive got leroys feed the beast modded FFM set u and looks like diesel is pooling up under it. What a freakin buzz kill. the driveway gets mighty cold in mid November. It does not look like its coming from any of the lines plugged into the unit but rather directly under. This means another afternoon with my legs dangling over the side :dead:. Just wondering if this has happened to any of you and if theres are any bones that need to get thrown before I tackle this....Thank you in advance
other than the hose connections, the fuel heater is a plastic piece that screws into the bottom of the FFM with some o-rings. this could have come loose or the o-ring shrunk in the cold weather allowing fuel to leak past it.
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