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Update on Plews-Edelmann steering box

So the ujoint failed, not the shaft. Ok.
Yes- normally a ujoint not getting lubed there would run for half dozen years before giving up in steering shafts. Unjoint manufacturer most likely had a assembly line error in bearing production or something.

Like when sealed ujoints fail in pickups during warranty period- it happens but usually in a batch from bad needle bearings.

Can you see the new one? Is a brand of that ujoint visible? Is it greaseable? Too bad the first one wasn’t- I’m sure it would have made it longer than the truck.
Said several times, none of these u-joints are greasable. They have needle bearings and no grease fittings. Apparently the one that failed is a Borgeson u-joint made in USA. The Difference: old one they welded the u-joint to the steering shaft. New one has the u-joint sliding over the steering shaft and is held in place by locked set screws. Steering shaft on new Borgeson is much thicker metal.