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The DB2 Conversion Guide


Author of The DB2 Conversion Guide
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Jacksonville, Florida
I still get lots of inquiries on how to convert the electronic DS4 pump to a mechanical DB2 pump. As some of you know, I wrote a manual some years back detailing the conversion. Initially, this was sold as a printed booklet, but lately I have been sending it out as a pdf file.

I have been looking for a website that will host the file for free. I now have found such as website, so now its available for free to anyone that would like it. I have heard back from people all over the world that have used the guide to convert their trucks and I would suggest it to anyone that is tired of the DS4 failures.

The link to the guide is: http://www.mediafire.com/?4wj51rn22o6z6

I also uploaded some info on Gentex electric mirrors here: http://www.mediafire.com/?1ricuwd9f5g6box

and on ElectroMotor cruise controls here: http://www.mediafire.com/?2735k6syt8ifbfk

Thanks, Bobbie Martin
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That's very kind of you Bobbie, you would have put a lot of work in it.

I'm still happy with a DS4 myself.
Thats VERY generous of you Bobbie.....Many a happy people I've heard, Also I've seen your thread of your rebuild and you seem to cover every detail.....Down to the LAST OEM firewall insulation ever produced.

You are meticulous. :thumbsup::hihi:;)
Do you do the pump conversion for people wanting it done? If so what price range? Very interesting read thanks!
Do you do the pump conversion for people wanting it done? If so what price range? Very interesting read thanks!

I haven't doe one for anyone else. I'm pretty busy right now, so really don't have the time. Its really not that hard, if you can change a pump, you can do the conversion. Cost are outlined in the book, but are 2004 prices. But the part list is there, so you can calculate from that. Pump is the biggest cost and the cost can range depending on new or used, condition, etc.
Some parts maybe discontinued. GM is dropping alot of GMT400 stuff so check first. The only thing I will add to this(and I am pro DB2) is becareful if you own a 96+ OBD2 truck. Before you spend the time and money to do this, check with your states emissions program. IN CT they just plug into the computer and obviously that would be an issue with this conversion and it would not pass inspection regardless if it actually could pass a sniffer. Check with your state. That is the reason I did not convert any of mine.
Bobbie Martin,

Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:

It looks great and seems you put countless hours into this document. :agreed:
Bobbie, thank you for finally making this public knowledge. I searched for you when I did my conversion (been 4 years now) but couldn't locate you. Having a manual trans, it really was a simple conversion. Despite the fact that my DB2 is far from perfect (has some governor and metering valve issues), I will never consider going back to a DS pump. The DB makes plenty of power despite some differing opinions. I like the way it drives, -smooth, precise, reliable, and predictable. I especially like the responsiveness of the mechanical pump. The boost comes on immediately with a quick jab of the pedal.

Here's my modded cable bracket for the dual thermostat housing


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