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Site Rules

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All site content including: Threads, post, pictures, and other material under the domain of TheTruckStop.us are strictly copyrighted and not to be reproduced.

We hope you enjoy our site. We just ask for you to follow the rules.

We ask that you respect all members and staff of TheTruckStop.us. No smart remarks or jesters to a member or staff. No obscene language, Nudity, No Racism. Site staff or owners can and will change, delete, modify, ban a thread or post at anytime they feel the necessary for the members, staff, or public's well being.

-No brand flaming, including the company or their owners

-No fighting or insults

-No Links to Non-Site sponsors. Sponsors can post their product links anywhere except a competing vendors sale/product thread or forum.

-If it can be seen & said on broadcast TV it can be shown, said, and linked here.

-No cross posting or spam

-No multiple user / screen names

-No trolling

-Links to Ebay and other ad related sites -These are allowed as long as they have no vendor conflict and don't promote the posting member's sale. They must also have some purpose towards the forum they are posted in.

-No excessive cheerleading!

-Vendors rules Supporting vendors are also not allowed to make negative comments at/about another supporting vendor or their product any way or under any circumstances. PERIOD!

-No posting any cuss words in thread titles. Some of us do like to check in from work from time to time and don't need any red flags from company computers.

Rules or subject to change at anytime WITHOUT notice.
Not open for further replies.