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LBZ tuner comparison


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I have used several different tuners on my '07 LBZ and I put together a summary of my fuel economy results. I have kept detailed records of my economy fron day one and all of the mileage is GPS verified and with 265-75-16's on the truck.
I have run the Diablosport Predator, Edge Evolution, Hypertech Max Energy, Duramileage ECM, and the Kennedy Diesel ECM. The EXCEL summary is attached. I only posted results from stock tuning, Predator 65 hp tune, EVO level 1, EVO level 2, and the Kennedy tune.
This is not exactly apples to apples because I added mods at different times.
The stock tuning and the Predator tuning was run both before and after I blocked the egr and installed the 4" inch exhaust, all of teh EVO results were before the egr block and exhaust, and all of the KD results were obtained with a blocked egr and a 4" exhaust. One odd twist to this is that I actually got better mpg's BEFORE the blocked egr and 4" exhaust :confused5:.

The bottom line for overall mpg's based on an average of the different types of driving:
1st place: KD
2nd place: EVO-2
3rd place: Stock
4th place: EVO-1
5th place: Predator 65 hp tune

Daily driving:
1st place: KD
2nd place: EVO-1
3rd place: Predator 65 hp tune
4th place: EVO-2
5th place: Stock

Hiway driving (70-75 mph):
1st place: KD
2nd place: Stock
3rd place: EVO-2
4th place: EVO-1
5th place: Predator 65 hp tune


  • tuner summary.xls
    14 KB · Views: 39
Nicely done...!

I would've expected better out of the Predator...My best mileage is on the 85 tune.
Nicely done...!

I would've expected better out of the Predator...My best mileage is on the 85 tune.

I did get a little better mileage on the 85 hp tune, but I didn't put enough miles on it to include it in the comparison.
Very interesting..Especially about the blocked EGR decreasing mileage.

Also well done...

Yeah, I was real suprised with the resuts of the egr block and the exhaust. My egt's are considerably lower though, and I don't have all that soot geting back into my intake so it was worth it to me.
Nice Analogy! Is the KD Tuned ECM Pricey?

The KD ecm is pricey! IMHO, it is worth it to someone who puts a lot of miles on a truck. I put 40-50k a year on mine. With today's fuel prices and the improvement I am seeing in fuel economy, it is going to take about a year for it to pay or itself. I plan on keeping my truck til it has around 250k on it so in my case I could justify it.
It looks like it has been a little while since your post. thanks for the information. I just purchased an 03 durimax 3500 and would like advice on getting the best fuel mileage and a little more low end power.