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LBZ duramax


New Member
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Whats up dudes. I am new to the diesel world. Inly ever owned a cat eye chevy. Found an 07 druamax w 100k miles on it so i couldnt pass it up. Tuning and exhaust are my two big projects. If anyone has any direction or recommendations id appreciate the information. Thanks
I don’t have direction for the tune- exhaust kits are available at all the normal places- summit, jegs, etc. afaik our vendors here don’t offer any.

I will say since you just got it- put a couple thousand miles on before doing anything in power side to make sure you are solid.
600 hp to the ground is gonna shorten life, more than that and you need better pistons or that life becomes a week.

Start out replacing the egr. Probably not done yet and your 75% at done if they left it stock. Start feeding more fuel and it will be a problem quick.

You’re probably gonna have a hard time with tunes because you introduced yourself just like a bot or inspector from the epa. Save the spotted tree whales man.
Right on man. Thanks for the advice. I have heard mixed reviews on tuning. Yeah more power and fun if you wanna hammer down. My wild driving days are mostly behind me and i was really looking to do it to get a better mpg
I like engine oil bypass filters for longevity.

The extended oil change intervals were especially helpful when we had lots of vehicles to maintain.

A vendor here sells very good oil - Tribodyne