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Injection pump ds4

So why would enlarging those 2mm score or lock up anything. And the idea of reworking the transfer section was to move more volume without increasing pressure. Obviously I'd need to modify other sections of the pump to allow the increased volume to travel but that' the feasible way I saw of increasing volume without increasing l.p. pressure or pump pressure stressing components. The manual says the transfer pump is capable of up to 160psi. So if one can move the same volume of fuel at only 120 psi into the next stage then there should be less strain on components
It wouldn't as long as you got everything right. Diameter, tolerance, clearance, surface finish, surface hardness, cleanliness, etc. Though I think you mean a smaller measurement than 2mm. Going up to 0.33" plungers from a DB pump would be a big increase. Not sure if there is enough space to do it. I'm not going that route so I haven't looked into it.

Moving more fuel against the same restriction results in more pressure.


Active Member
Find Kris Stratton on facebook. He's playing around in his spare time with 6.5l pumps, and I believe he hinted at working on a hybrid high flow ds4 pump. I know he is one of the only ones who has posted actual HARD NUMBERS showing what a pump can actually put out, not just the theoretical amount they could flow based on code and bore and stroke of the pump.
It's a joint effort and not a complete reality yet until I get it on an engine. Small changes in output really screw around with what pulse width and advance curve you need. I can post more about it if I'm allowed to here.